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Find Edison Vintage LED Light Bulbs at Discounted Price Here!

Welcome to the best Decorative LED lighting company in China, Dongguan Sihon Lighting Co., Ltd! The leading Vintage LED bulbs manufacturer and supplier. We deal in providing all kinds of Vintage LED light Lamps for both home and office use to make your place illuminated with quality lighting equipment.


Being a dedicated, and reputable Vintage Edison LED bulbs manufacturer, we deal in providing all kinds of Oversized Nostalgic and Antique LED bulbs. It’s been around twenty years since we’ve been working in this field, hence we have gained a wide experience in manufacturing top-notch Nostalgic LED bulbs for decorative uses. Besides, we have more than 2000 different models including oversized vintage LED light bulbs etc.


Our head office is located in Qishi town, Dongguan city China, our company is built around 30000 square meters, and we have two more factories which are situated in adjacent to each other. At our large size Antique LED bulbs manufacturing factory, we have the ISO 90001 quality control system certificate, ISO14001 environmental certificate, ERP factory managing system.


We feel honored to share that our company is professionally & legally registered with all the certificates for our products all over the world, they are Energy Star, UL, ETL, FCC, CE, ROHS, SAA, PSE, ERP, KC, PSB, C-Tick, CCC, etc. Indeed, it makes a perfect sign to identify our brand name as a reliable Edison LED bulbs manufacturer!


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We Dongguan Sihon lighting company professionally producing all kinds of Edison vintage LED bulbs, Vintage LED Lamps, soft flexible LED lamps, Oversized vintage led light bulbs, antique and nostalgic LED bulbs and many more.

We have more than twenty year’s manufacturing experience. We have two factories totally 40,000 square meters, 660 workers including an engineers, 32 QC workers. We have four team advanced automatic production lines, especial glass producing shop, six automatic life testing lines, two automatic glass pol washing machine etc.

We can produce about five million PCS Vintage LED Bulbs per month, we have ISO – 9001, ISO 14001 certificate, and ERP factory managing system. We have almost all the certificates for products of the world such as: Energy star, UL, ETL, FCC, CE, ROOHS, &, SAA etc.

Why buy Antique LED Lamps from Sihon?

Dongguan Sihon Lighting Co., Ltd can provide you all what any Edison Vintage LED bulbs user can ever ask for! It has always been our utmost priority to cater all requirements of our valuable clients and customer who are fond of using our oversized vintage Vintage LED Lamps to illuminate their home and office with dazzling illuminating lights.

Our company is a unique platform that provides a quality large size Antique LED Bulbs at wholesale prices, and provide a variety of big size LED bulb to the buyers from all over the world. We own a team of highly dedicated, and well-experienced professional experts who know what kind of technology and product to use for manufacturing an impressive Nostalgic LED light bulbs.

Great Pricing with Quality

You would have been to dozens of lightning manufacturers before to get some of the best articles for your collection; either you would have purchased them in excessively high charges, or you would have also seen many cheap ones as well telling their poor product quality.

But, have you ever been to any decorative vintage LED bulbs suppliers before who not only show you their amazing collection, but also provide you best antique LED lamps product at an economical price? Have you ever seen a collection before in which each Nostalgic LED bulb is unique for its style and specification? That is where Sihon hits the core and come into a limelight being an elite and reliable Edison Vintage LED bulbs manufacturer.

Best Vintage LED Lamps Collection

When it comes to considering Sihon in terms of best Vintage LED Lamp suppliers, then very first factor that testifies on our behalf is our great variety of Vintage Edison LED bulbs collection. We deal in providing wide range of products like Edison LED Light Bulbs, Oversized LED Bulbs, Nostalgic LED Bulbs, and so on.

Besides, we make an extensive use of top-notch products and commendable technology to bring unique products to you offering best specifications and are highly efficient. All these decorative Edison bulbs give an elegant look to your ceiling fixture, downlight, or wall sconce. This low Watt bulb is also suitable for damp locations and has dimming capabilities when paired with a compatible dimmer control.

Vintage Look with LED Bulbs

In the current era, the top manufacturers of LED-based Edison decorative light bulbs have begun acing the craft of imitating warm, power-guzzling glow of luminous and replacing predecessors with new energy-efficient models. This is the main reason that the demand for vintage style Edison lamps has been reached to such an extent in the field of interior and exterior led decorative lights.

However, Dongguan Sihon Lighting Co., Ltd is offering multiple oversized LED Lamps styles in both modern, and vintage look. The highest demand of order we get is, vintage look with large size LED bulbs, as it gives an elegant and subtle touch to their room. The vintage look LED lamps are designed to replace a 40-Watt incandescent.