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Configuration or DIY Vintage Led BulbsConfiguration Or DIY Vintage Led Bulbs

Configuration or DIY Vintage Led BulbsConfiguration Or DIY Vintage Led Bulbs

Vintage LED bulb is more and more popular now, there is new models on the market almost every week. Some customer has a new idea that as other DIY things, vintage Led bulb can also has DIY version, let us call it DIY vintage Led bulbs.

What is a DIY vintage Led bulb? details as below:
1. Special E27/E26 lamp base with plastic screw.
2. Filament design is connected with lamp base, they are one part.
3. Clear plastic globe, not glass globe, clear plastic goble with screw on the lamp base part.
4. Customer can choose different led filament design and different globe shape to form a new vintage led bulb.

For vintage Led bulbs, there is many many different glass shape and filament design, I think customer can design some special Led bulbs, we will develop and make new samples to designer. However, Led bulb is a whole part, because we make the Led bulb vacuum firstly and then inflate with helium gases. If normal air goes into the led bulb, the led bulb has a short life and there is moisture on the inside surface of the glass, looks much dirty. Helium is clean and it is a much good heat sinking material, it flows in a circle inside the vintage led bulb and take the heating to outside of the glass.

If customer can accept clear plastic globe and normal air inside the vintage led bulb, we can design some led bulb that is detachable, universal E27 lamp base, different plastic globe(not glass), different Led filament design. The tooling cost s high for this kind of led bulb. Because for this led bulb, we can not make it with glass, we have to make it with clear plastic with screw on the lamp base part, and E27 lamp base with screw too, Led filament design is on the E27 lamp base, that is to say, there is only two parts, one is E27 lamp base with filament design, the other one is clear plastic globe., customer can check and choose the different led filament design to match their favourite vintage led bulb shape.

DIY vintage Led bulb is also called as the configuration vintage Led bulb, it is referring to a online-configurator, where customer can combine bulb shape, glass type, LED Filament, but the products are made of glass, customer would only select the right product.