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Glass Colors For Extra Big Decorative Led Bulbs

Glass Colors For Extra Big Decorative Led Bulbs

For the glass color of vintage led bulb, usually there are Clear color, Gold color, Amber Color, Frosted Color, Opal color, Cap silver mirror, Cap gold mirror and Etc. Among these colors, amber color, clear color and gold color is very close, so when we choose the color, we must to know the difference.

1. Clear vintage led bulb is with clear glass, the glass is with its natural color, total transparent, totally not surface treatment at all. Some clear glass is with a little green color, some is with a little white color, but it is only a little difference. Clear glass is transparent, so it is easy to see the dirty or scratch on it, we Sihon lighting company has the most advanced microwave automatic washing line to wash glass, so our vintage led bulb is always clean. Clear glass decorative vintage led bulb is one of the color customer like most.

2. Amber glass vintage filament led bulb has an amber glass, some kind of yellow color, or we can call it golden color. Actually it is a kind of gold color, gold plating or gold coating glass, it is a little lighter than real Gold color. Amber glass will make the light output a little more warm, for example, if the light output from Led filament is 2200K, then the light output from amber glass is about 2100K. Also, amber glass vintage led bulb looks a little more noble than clear glass, because of its amber glass. The amber glass is inside gold coating, so it can not be scratched or touched, it can last for a very long time. Amber is also one of the color that customer like most.

3. Gold color glass decorative vintage led bulb is with gold color, it is gold coating or gold plating, the gold color is a little deeper than amber color. However, gold color also has light gold color and deep gold color, different customer has different choice. Gold color is usually used for big decorative vintage led bulb, for example A165 flexible soft filament led bulb, gold color make the decorative vintage filament led bulb much more beautiful and nice, looks noble and expensive, people like this color! Gold color will make the light output more warm than amber glass decorative filament vintage led bulb, for example, the light output from led filament is 2200K, then the light output from gold glass is about 2200K. Decorative vintage led bulb is usually for lighting decorative, it need pure amber warm light output.

4. Frosted color decorative vintage led bulb has a white color of glass bulb, the white color is from sand spraying, inside the bulb sand spraying makes the glass bulb white color. Usually we can not see the filament inside the bulb, and the light output is much even, not dazzling. However, because the glass is white color, not transparent, so the white color glass stop some light output, usually the frosted white color glass decrease about 10% light output. The frosted color could cover 100% area of the decorative vintage led bulbs. However, some customer has a requirement of not covering the neck of the bulb by frosted white color. If the sand spray is thick enough, the frosted color is pure white; if the sand spray is thin, the frosted white color is with a little dark color.

5. Opal color special decorative vintage filament led bulb. The opal color is also called as milky white color, it is different from frosted white color. Frosted led bulb is made by sand spraying, so we can see the sand fine grain on the frosted white color. Opal white color is made by white oil painting, so the white color is clear, has a mirror surface. Usually, people think opal color looks better than frosted color. However, because the opal color of the vintage led bulb is made of oil painting, the oil painting is liquid, so the opal color usually is not even, so the light output is not even, we can see the dark area when the bulb is lighting on. Same as frosted led bulb, opal color decorative led bulb also decrease the light output, because oil painting is thick, so it stops more light output, opal color decreases about 15-20% light output. But the light output is soft, and we can see the bulb lighting on directly by our eye, because it is not dazzling at all.

6. Mirror reflecting bulb, including cap mirror reflecting bulb, bottom mirror reflecting bulb. The reflecting mirror is made by coating or plating, usually it is silver mirror reflecting bulbs, gold mirror reflecting bulbs, copper mirror reflecting bulbs and so on. Cap mirror reflecting bulb is usually used a table lamp, the mirror reflects all the light to one direction. Bottom mirror reflecting bulb is usually used a spot light.

7. There are also other glass finishing bulbs, for example, color painting glass vintage decorative led bulb, the painting can be made according to customer design, there is also scratched bulb, the glass is scratched with white line with some special design.