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Label On Decorative Vintage Edison LED Bulbs

Label On Decorative Vintage Edison LED Bulbs

For each decorative Edison vintage led bulb, there must be some label on it, for example, 220-240V 6W, Logo, Kelvin, Lumen on vintage led lamp base and the lamp body.

Usually, there are 3 places on vintage Edison decorative led bulb for labeling, as below:

  • The Label on the Lamp Base of Decorative Vintage Led Bulb.

This is the most way of labeling, the words are hinged (steel impression mark) by a hanging machine on the top part of the lamp base, this part is on the neck of the vintage Edison led bulbs. Usually it is Voltage and Wattage hinged on the lamp base, but some customers or marketing start hinging company logo or production code on it, for example, ABC company used to hinge “240V 3W” on vintage decorative led bulbs, but now they require hinging on lamp base of “ABC SD 240V 3W” on lamp base, ABC is their company Logo, SD is the production code, why they hinge company logo and production code on lamp base?  Because if there is any complaint from the customer, ABC Company can check the words on the lamp base, then they can know if the complaining bulb is the bulb they sold? And on which order or date ABC Company produced this bulb, they can track to find and solve the problem more easily.

However, because the labeling part on the lamp base is limited, we can only hinge about 20 letters on the E26/E27 lamp base. For the smaller lamp base, such as E12/E14/E17, we can only hinge 12 letters on the lamp base.  For bigger lamp base, for example, E40/E39, we can hinge more letters on it, about 30 letters maximum. On production, if we find that we cannot hinge all the words on the lamp base, we will check this with customers, change hinging to Lasering or print the content on the glass bulb of the decorative vintage Edison led bulb.

  • Laser Engraving Label on the Lamp Base.

Laser engraving label on the lamp base of decorative vintage led bulbs was starting from the end of the last year, because customer wanted to mark a lot of information on the lamp base, hinging letter cannot be any smaller to put more letters there, and customer does not want to print the content on glass bulb also, then laser engraving is the best choice. However, laser engraving letter is much small, customer needs to check it carefully.

On production, laser engraving label is much slower than hinging, because it is not fully automatic laser engraving machine, and laser engraving is slower than hinging words on the lamp base. The laser can be able to engrave a lot of letters on the lamp base, with much smaller size letters, and the words are much clear. However, there is still space limitation that is about 6-8mm width on the top of the lamp base.

  • Printing on the Neck of Decorative Vintage Led Bulbs.

Sometimes, we print the content on the neck of the vintage decorative Edison led bulb, the painting is close to the lamp base. It is printed by transfer printing machine, we Dongguan Sihom Lighting Company has 12 pad printing machines. The color of the printing can be varied, we do the color of the printing according to customer requirement. Usually, it is black in color, grey color or gold color. The printing should be strong enough, cannot be removed easily, there is a standard for testing the printing quality. Printing content should not be too much, otherwise, it will cover a lot of the glass, and this will make the light output not good.

  • Printing on the Top of the Decorative Vintage Edison Led Bulbs.

Sometimes, we print some little content on the top of the decorative vintage led bulbs, the content is in a circle, printing with transfer printing machine, the printing color is usually light gold or light grey, cuts can see it, but it would not stop the light output, otherwise the light output is not that even. The printing content is usually not too much for this top printing.