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Nov 17,2021

Label On Decorative Vintage Edison LED Bulbs

For each decorative Edison, vintage led bulb, there must be some label on it, for example, 220-240V 6W, Logo, Kelvin, Lumen on vintage led lamp base and the lamp body.

Usually, there are 3 places on vintage Edison decorative led bulb for labeling, as below:

  • The Label on the Lamp Base of Decorative Vintage Led Bulb.

This is the most way of labeling, the words are hinged (steel impression mark) by a hanging machine on the top part of the lamp base, this part is on the neck of the vintage Edison led bulbs. Usually, it is Voltage and Wattage hinged on the lamp base, but some customers or marketing start hinging company logo or production code on it, for example, ABC company used to hinge “240V 3W” on vintage decorative led bulbs, but now they require hinging on lamp base of “ABC SD 240V 3W” on the lamp base, ABC is their company Logo, SD is the production code, why they hinge company logo and production code on lamp base?  Because if there is any complaint from the customer, ABC Company can check the words on the lamp base, then they can know if the complaining bulb is the bulb they sold? And on which order or date ABC Company produced this bulb, they can track to find and solve the problem more easily.

However, because the labeling part on the lamp base is limited, we can only hinge about 20 letters on the E26/E27 lamp base. For the smaller lamp base, such as E12/E14/E17, we can only hinge 12 letters on the lamp base.  For a bigger lamp base, for example, E40/E39, we can hinge more letters on it, about 30 letters maximum. On production, if we find that we cannot hinge all the words on the lamp base, we will check this with customers, change hinging to Lasering or print the content on the glass bulb of the decorative vintage Edison led bulb.

  • Laser Engraving Label on the Lamp Base.

Laser engraving label on the lamp base of decorative vintage led bulbs was starting from the end of the last year because the customer wanted to mark a lot of information on the lamp base, the hinging letter cannot be any smaller to put more letters there, and the customer does not want to print the content on glass bulb also, then laser engraving is the best choice. However, laser engraving letter is much small, customer needs to check them carefully.

On production, laser engraving label is much slower than hinging, because it is not a fully automatic laser engraving machine, and laser engraving is slower than hinging words on the lamp base. The laser can be able to engrave a lot of letters on the lamp base, with much smaller size letters, and the words are much clear. However, there is still a space limitation that is about 6-8mm width on the top of the lamp base.

  • Printing on the Neck of Decorative Vintage Led Bulbs.

Sometimes, we print the content on the neck of the vintage decorative Edison led bulb, the painting is close to the lamp base. It is printed by the transfer printing machine, we Dongguan Sihom Lighting Company has 12 pad printing machines. The color of the printing can be varied, we do the color of the printing according to customer requirements. Usually, it is black in color, grey color, or gold color. The printing should be strong enough, cannot be removed easily, there is a standard for testing the printing quality. Printing content should not be too much, otherwise, it will cover a lot of the glass, and this will make the light output not good.


  • Printing on the Top of the Decorative Vintage Edison Led Bulbs.

Sometimes, we print some little content on the top of the decorative vintage led bulbs, the content is in a circle, printing with transfer printing machine, the printing color is usually light gold or light grey, cuts can see it, but it would not stop the light output, otherwise the light output is not that even. The printing content is usually not too much for this top printing.

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Glass Bulb For Extra Big Decorative Vintage Edison Led Bulbs

The glass bulb is one of the most important things for decorative led light bulbs, there are several things we need to pay attention to as below: Color of the glass bulb globes. There are mainly 3 colors for glass bulb, one is transparent with a little white color, one is transparent with a little green color, the other one is transparent with a little blue color. Most customers could not be able to notice this little difference, actually, it is only a little difference. The green and blue color glass is the normal quality glass, usually, it is used for small size vintage led light bulbs. The green color glass looks a little more transparent than blue color glass, but the color is from the glass material factory because glass factory produces a lot of glass material for one batch production, the glass material is not only used for the led light bulb, but also used for other products, so we can not control the color from the glass factory, but we can control it for our customer, we select the color customer want when we produce filament led bulbs. However, most of the decorative filament led bulb we do is not clear glass bulb, they are amber color, smoked color, gold color, with these color coating, we can not see the color difference at all. Also, when the led light bulb is lighting on, we can not see the difference either. For the white color glass, it is usually made of extra hardness glass, this glass is used for big size decorative led light bulbs, white glass has very good transparency. 2. Thickness of the glass for vintage led light bulbs. Thick glass is strong, hard, not easy to break, but it is expensive; Thin glass is more fragile, easy to break, but it is cheap. For extra-large decorative led light bulbs, the glass must be thick enough, because big size glass is easy to break. We Dongguan SIPHON light company only use thick glass to produce vintage filament led bulbs. Thick glass is a little heavier than thin glass bulb. 3. Scratches and dirty on glass bulbs. In the past, some customer complains that there are scratches and dirt on the glass, especially the scratches, big scratches is very obvious when the bulb is lighting on. For dirty, customers can clean it easily, but scratches can not be removed for clear glass. For amber color, gold color, and smoked color, these colors can be able to cover the small scratches, but can not cover the big scratches. Colors like frosted, opal, can cover all the scratches. Now, the most popular color for the extra big decorative led light bulbs is gold color, some customer also like clear color, scratches is much visible for these two-color, so we have to use the best quality glass bulb. But how shall we make sure there are no scratches on the glass bulb? We have the following measures: > Most of the scratches are from the glass factory. When the glass globes come out from the machine, the glass is very hot, more than 300 degrees, the hot glass bulbs is cooling down on the long production line, the production line is moving, because the hot glass is still soft, not hard enough, so it is easy to have scratches on glass. Now glass factory has already improved this situation, there are not so many scratches on glass bulbs now, and they will inspect each of the glass bulbs before shipping to us, they will pick out the defects according to our QC standard. For shipping, the glass globes are put in an individual paper bag and then pack with a carton box, this way can make sure there are no scratches during transportation. > During our production, we also use a soft paper bag for each of the glass globes to protect them from scratches. Also, we have 2 automatic glass washing machines to wash the glass, it is ultrasonic washing, the glass bulb is set to the individual hook, so they can not touch each other during washing, so each of the glass bulbs we are using is much cleaner. However, we can not make sure there are scratches during our production, because there is a lot of production departments, our QC will check this before packing, will pick the scratch bulbs out for defects.

Decorative Vintage Led Lamp

Decorative vintage led lamp is also called special decorative vintage Edison led light bulb. Because usually is a Led light bulb, but it is not a normal led bulb, it is with special shape of glass, special led filament design, special color of the glass, it is mainly used for lighting decoration, so we call it special shape vintage led light bulb as special decorative vintage Edison led lamp. Special decorative Edison led lamp is usually has a big size, much bigger than normal led bulb. The glass bulb is made by hand, not by automatic glass bulb machine, because it is much big and with an irregular size. The glass is high quality hardness glass, and should be thick enough, for safe shipping. Dongguan sihon lighting produce the glass bulb by us, we have a big workshop for it. First, we buy strong and big long glass tube from professional glass factory, we heated the glass tube by a very high temperature, and then our worker blow it with a long tube to make the glass tube to a special glass bulb shape with a tooling, the tooling is with a decorative vintage led bulb shape. After the glass bulb is finished, our worker will polish it, because there are some scratches or salient point on the glass bulb, after polishing, we take the glass bulb to electroplate factory to make the glass bulb with different color, such as amber color, gold color, silver spots color, semi-dark color and so on. Then a special decorative glass bulb is finished. After the glass bulb, it is the glass stem, glass stem is in the center of the glass bulb, it is the support for led filament, setting to lamp base. For vintage Edison led lamp, the glass stem must be strong and thick enough, because it long, it is easy to break during transportation if the glass stem is not thick and strong. We produce the glass stem, we have more than 20 automatic glass stem producing machine, our glass stem is two times thicker and stronger than that from market, this ensure a safe transportation of the decorative led lamp, so far we did not receive any broken complaints from customer. Of course the packing must also very good. After the glass stem, it is the filament design. Because it is special decorative vintage Edison led bulb, the most important is the glass shape and filament design. There is hard filament led and soft filament led, we use them to make different design, for example, spiral filament design, squirrel cage filament design, loops filament design and so on. Flexible soft filament led is soft and flexible, so it is more easier to make different and difficult design, and flexible soft led filament has different length, the longest we can do is 100cm length. Because it is decorative led lamp, so the color temperature usually is 2000-2200K, and the lumen output is not much high, usually it is 120-300lumen, wattage is 3-5W. So that people can see the filament without feeling dazzling. We can make the led filament design according to customer requirement and customer design artwork. We dongguan sihon lighting company has more than 120 automatic welding machines for welding led filament. After finishing the glass bulb, glass stem and filament design, we assemble them together to make special decorative vintage Edison led bulb lamp. All of our decorative Edison vintage led lamp is inflated with helium gas, because helium is a kind of inert gas, it can resist the high temperature from led filament and power, it do not have any affect to filament led also, not like oxygen, which can oxidize the filament led, it is a kind of protection to led filament. Also, when the lamp is lighting on, the filament will create some heating, the helium gas will flow in a circle inside the decorative led bulb when it is heated, and take the heating to glass, glass will transmit the heating to outside, so helium is also an effective heat sinking material. Heating is a big problem to decorative vintage Edison led bulb, if the heating can not be sinking efficiently, the filament led or power maybe damaged. However, before inflating helium gas into the glass bulb, the glass bulb must be vacuum, we dongguan sihon lighting has the most advanced vacuum machines. Why should the glass bulb be vacuum before inflate with helium gas? Because normal air has all kinds of material in it, such as dirty, oxygen, moisture and so on, the dirty and moisture will change to fog when the decorative vintage led lamp is lighting on, the heating will change the dirty and moisture to fog, and the fog is on the inside surface of the glass bulb, this makes the vintage led bulb much bad looking! Package for vintage decorative Edison filament led lamp. Because decorative led light bulb is big size glass bulb, so it is fragile, the package need to be safe enough. For small size of decorative light bulb, the size is smaller than G150(diameter150mm), we usually use bubble wrap pack the bulb first, then put it into a box, the box should be about 3-5mm bigger than bulb, so the bubble wrap can stay soft and elastic, which could be able to protect the bulb properly. If the size of the decorative vintage led light bulb is bigger than G150, for example A165 decorative vintage Edison led light bulb, then we have to use foam package, the foam has a square shape that is according to outside brown box, the size is about 2mm smaller than outside brown box; The shape inside of the foam packing is according to the shape of the A165 decorative led lamp. The foam packing must be soft enough, not too much thick, nor too much thin, but has enough protection to bulb. After packing the big size decorative led light bulb with foam, put the foam with bulb into outside brown box. Foam packing is a little expensive, and the size is a little much bigger than bubble wrap packing, so the volume is big. For big size decorative led light bulb, we usually ship by sea shipping, of course packing the carton boxes with pallet packing. Usually, one pallet has a size of 1.0M wide, 1.0M length, 0.12m high, after packing with big size decorative led light bulb, the total size of the of the pallet is about 1.0*1.1*1.5M, 1.5M is the height, the height should not be more than 1.80M, because container has a height of 1.80M, if the pallet packing is higher than 1.80M, we can not put it into container. Pallet packing has an effective protection for big size decorative led light bulb during transportation. However, for a full container shipping, we still suggest not packing with pallet, because the whole container only load big size decorative led light bulb, no other heavy goods, no change of the container, shipping company will ship the whole container directly to customer warehouse, and then customer unload the goods. So FCL shipping usually do not need pallet packing. However, LCL shipping must be packing with pallets, because big size decorative led light bulb will be shipping together with other goods in one container, the other goods maybe much heavy, which may cause damage of the decorative led bulbs. Color printing box. The design of the color printing box is from customer design box artwork, with customer logo. However, because the print box is expensive than brown box,, the MOQ for printing box is 500pcs/item, so we always suggest customer order more than 500pcs each item, otherwise the cost of the printing box is very expensive. However, if customer has a guarantee that there is following orders, then the order quantity could be smaller than 500pcs, we make the printing box more than 500pcs, keep some at our stock, use them for the following order.

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