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Moisture Inside The Vintage Led Bulbs – Solution

Moisture Inside The Vintage Led Bulbs – Solution

Some customers complain that there is moisture or fog inside the vintage Led bulb after some time. They asked me about this issue, how this can happen, and what is causing this effect on the glass? If it is some gas in it, can it be dangerous?
They also noticed that there are rainbow colors in these spots on the glass; could this be some gas or something else, or was the glass too hot during production? It looks like the blurs are going to the top of the vintage Led bulb and come out of the E27 lamp base.

I asked this question with our QC, and the answer is as below:
Defect: Moisture is inside the vintage Led bulb


The moisture is caused by air leakage. The cracks on the glass stem are produced by thermal expansion and cold contraction of magnesium plated wire on a glass stem, the air goes into the vintage Led bulb from the cracks on a glass stem, air contains some water, if the vintage Led bulb is lighting on, both Led filament and driver would create a lot of heating, the heating transforms water to moisture, we call it to fog too. If the vintage Led bulb is off, the moisture transforms to water when the temperature inside the vintage Led is going down, and water stays on the surface of the glass. That is why we can see fog and rainbow color inside the vintage Led bulb.


1. Improve the production process technology during glass stem production.
2. Run a blue ink testing 7 days after the glass stem is finished, pick out the defects.

If the vintage Led bulb has moisture inside the glass globe, it is still safe enough, no exploding, but the lifetime is reduced because the moisture and oxygen accelerate the oxidation of the electronic parts. A good quality vintage Led bulb has helium inside, not normal air; all the normal ail will be removed before filling it with helium. Helium is good for heat sinking and stops electronic parts oxidation.