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Why Lamp Base Falling Off For 24V Led Bulbs

Why Lamp Base Falling Off For 24V Led Bulbs

One of our customer has a complain as below for one bulb A19 24V 5W dimmable.

1. Bulbs.
A19, 24V 5w 2200K Dimmable E27, it is 24VDC/AC, not 240V, It is low voltage DC/AC power filament led bulb, lumen is about 400lm.

2. Problem.
There are totally 3 pieces bulbs has E27 base falling off from glass bulb.

3. Answer from our QC as below:
Because 24VAC/DC 5W dimmable driver is much bigger than normal 240V or 120V 5w dimmable driver, as these driver need to set into the E27 or E26 base, actually E27 is a little bigger than E26, normal E27 and E26 is ok for 240V and 120V dimmable power, but for this 24VDC/AC power, E27 base is a little not enough room for it. So when we setting the 24VDC/AC driver to E27 base, and set them all together to glass bulb, we must take much careful, because the big size 24VDC/AC dimmable driver may break the yellow glue between the glass and E27 base, if the glue was taking away by the power or glass, then the E27 base is easy to fall off from glass bulb. Of course, we will make the strength testing for the E27 base after the bulb is finished. However, this can not totally prevent the problem of E27 base falling from glass bulb.

4. Solution:
Our engineer re-designed the 24VDC/AC power, to make the size very close to normal 240V or 120V driver, which is safe enough to set the new 24VDC/AC driver inside the E27 base. Of course, the other specification of the driver remain the same with old 24VDC/AC driver. This is a perfect solution!
For the defects our customer found, according to the suggestion of customer, we would replace to them by next order.

5. Precautionary measure:
If there is a thing that our production department, engineer department, QC department that can not ensure a 100% good quality of the product, we can not continue with production, we have to stop it, until we find a solution that can make sure a 100% good quality for each of the product.