Get Your Favorite Wholesale Dip LED Lamps from the House of SIHON

If you are looking for unique variety in Dip LED lamps of China, and have not encountered with any reputed lighting bulbs supplier till now, then come to SIHON, you will get all that you have or could not imagine before. We have got an incredible collection of Dip LED bulbs for commercial and business uses.  


Why are Dip LED Bulbs Good to Use?

The DIP LED lights are quite different than other traditional LED bulbs which comes with two connected bins which are attached on printed circuit boards.

DIP LED lamp manufactured in our company can be effectively recognized by their projectile formed case – the strong plastic bundle of these LEDs can be made to focus its light on the grounds that the plastic can act like a focal point (not at all like brilliant or bright light bulbs which utilize an outer reflector).

Uses of Dip LED Lamp China

On the basis of few significant advantages of Dip LED lighting, our DIP LED bulbs are commonly used in;

  • Hotels
  • Factories
  • Supermarkets
  • Task lighting
  • Buses
  • Under cabinet trains, &
  • Warehouses

Apart from this, Dip LED lamps can also be used for both decorative and for lighting purposes.

Best Features of our Dip LED Bulbs & Lamps

One of the most remarkable features of our Dip LED bulbs is, they can bring a drastic change in your electricity bills than other traditional bulbs.

  • The DIP LEDs supplied through us, comprised of multiple colors ranging from pure white (ranging between 5500 and 6300 K) to warm white (between 3000 and 3300 K)
  • The normal lifetime is around 30,000 hours, and the perfect ecological temperature for the correct working of the DIP LEDs is between – 30 and +50 degrees Celsius.