Are You Looking for Wholesale Antique LED filament bulbs? Come to Us!

People often look for huge variety in LED bulbs which hardly find at another lighting place, be it a nostalgic LED filament bulb, or vintage filament Led bulbs; at SIHON you can find all that you’re looking for!

Yes, all of our lighting products are divided into various categories, and each category then further expands into its relevant types. Filament Led bulbs are among one of it.

The filament LEDs are usually made entirely of glass, and they just look like old-fashioned incandescent. Very small LEDs are placed inside along a glass or sapphire cylinder, the appearance of which mimics a filament.


How LED Filament Bulbs China does work actually?

Before you place an order to get LED clear filament bulbs, you should know how our products do work actually? The filament bulbs come with an attached LED’s in rows on small strips. These strips confront outward, delivering a 360-degree point of light, the same as the first brilliant globules.

At the point when the filament is lit, it would appear that the entire yellow strip is illuminating.

Why do we claim to be an authentic LED Filament Bulbs Manufacturers?

Because, all lighting products manufactured in our company comprise of certain unique factors or features, which you wouldn’t have noticed in any other market.

Let’s take an example of our vintage LED filament bulbs, take a look at their following features mentioned below; 

  • The LED filament bulbs provided by us doesn’t require heavy heat sinks.
  • They can be easily enclosed by glass and can lead light exposure in almost 360 degrees
  • They’re designed in a trendy retro style which many consumers might find eye-catching
  • Most models offer the same dimmable nature of different LEDs

Why are we respected in the market is a reliable Wholesale LED Filament Bulbs Suppliers?

Because we put our customer’s satisfaction and their comfort in priority! What a consumer look for when it comes to buying the stock of product to sell them forward? Ultimate product quality with a certain class, and reasonable price, along with professional loyalty.

Thankfully, we stand in all these key criteria’s that are required to make a successful relationship with clients for a long time.

We supply such unique designs filament LED bulbs that can be placed anywhere, they’ll boost its beauty. Besides, we also deal in manufacturing light fixtures that hang from the ceiling, mount on the wall or fit on the nightstand. You can likewise be innovative by adding fun emphasize lighting to your kid’s room, make a lodge feel in your investigation room, or select some other restrictive things for your entire family.