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Find best quality Vintage Style Flexible Soft LED Bulbs at wholesale price here. Dongguan Sihon Lighting Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of soft LED lamps in China with wide variety of designs and specifications.   


Let’s Change Your Switch to LED from the House of SIHON

Whether you need a flexible or hard one, when these flexible soft lamps come with LED, it further enhances the standard of all soft LED bulbs and lighting. LED is undoubtedly the biggest thing in light since electric light was invented. It is able to shine for more than 20 years. LED Is highly applicable for new lamp designs and uses a sliver of the energy of radiant bulbs.

The flexible soft LED bulbs make the perfect smart, functional, and sustainable choice. Our manufacture variety of bulbs and lamps with LEDs already built in.

Our lighting products can save up to 75% of your Electricity Bills

At Dongguan sihon Lighting Co., Ltd, we focus on providing smart features to our China soft LED bulbs. We have introduced all new LED bulb with those technical devices and techniques that consumes 90% less energy as compared to the standard luminescent bulbs.

The basic advantage of using flexible soft LED bulbs in your bedroom, or study room is, they’re quite handy and very convenient to use. Our range of soft LED bulbs could be an ultimate addition to your lighting solution that keeps your home illuminated within your budget. We further provide;

  • Soft LED Light Bulbs
  • Vintage Soft LED lamps
  • Flexible LED Bulb
  • Flexible Soft LED Lamp
  • China soft LED bulbs

How flexible & soft LED light bulbs & lamp makes the best choice?

The reason why flexible soft LED light bulbs are best to use because these allow you to see more clearly under through this handy touch lamp. Moreover, you can also clearly see accurate colors with less glare and eyestrain.

These ultra-modern, and chic soft LED lamp provides convertible convenience and an adjustable brightness features with the touch of a finger. You can enjoy its flexibility with its flexible neck and rubberized soft-touch. The flexible LED lamps are best for reading, working, studying, and crafting etc.

Notable Features of our LED Bulbs

Following are the few notable features of our provided soft LED bulbs;

  • They are available in many colors Maximum of 260 lumens
  • Our lamps comprise of the diffuser which provides suave, and constant illumination
  • Super bright Soft LED lamps to last up to 40,000 hours
  • Height adjusts from 8″ to 18″