Get an Ambient Effect in Your Home Lighting with Our Exclusive Crown Gold Wholesale LED Light Bulbs

Want to give a contemporary, soft, and an ambient look in your interior lighting? Get your hands on our exclusive collection of crown gold LED light bulbs. 

This golden mirrored bulb reflects light and gives a contemporary style to your lighting. This crown bulb is best to use for pendants and chandeliers with exposed bulbs. It’s an energy efficient LED light bulb which can last up to 20.000hrs, and use less than 80% power, unlike other regular bulbs.

How our Gold Crown Mirror Bulbs & Globes are best for you?

What distinguishes our LED bulbs from others is the LED filament technology. It gives higher light output and longer life with minimum energy consumption. Another highlighting advantage of using our crown gold LED bulbs is, the gold top which reflects surface, and gives an accent to its overall look.

While the golden base in our gold crown medium base bulb reflects light to the glass part and adds a mystery touch to space without and shimmer of view, the lamp can be used as a standalone fixture in any area depending on the position of the gold part.

Perks of Buying Crown Bulbs from SIHON

  • We provide a bulb holder and rose to give it a complete look
  • Our crown LED bulbs are compatible with all our E27 screw fittings
  • They’re only dimmable only with special led dimmer