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Buy Best Wholesale LED Opal Glass Globe and Bulbs from SIHON

Stop looking for LED opal glass globe and bulbs, as you have reached an ultimate solution – Dongguan SIHON Lighting Co., Ltd! Yes, we excel in manufacturing multiple types of LED bulbs and globes, in a huge variety whether you’re looking for led opal glass bulbs, dip led lamps, oven bulbs and other such types. 


What makes LED Opal Glass Globe unique?

The first and most important advantage of using LED opal glass globe is, it is an energy saving bulb, which not only saves money but also environment-friendly. These globes contain an elegant look, which can be easy to integrate in any environment.

The light in opal glass bulb shines through the white glass, and the wall light is completely closed on the top and so is easy to clean.  It is also available with and without a light bulb.


LED opal glass globe and bulbs are best to use for;

  • Mounting in a staircase
  • For hall entrance
  • Side mirror lamps


Because SIHON’s chic looking LED Lighting fixtures support various lighting applications. All our LED Lighting fixtures feature Motivation, the thin and effective new round LED light motor.

These LED opal glass bulbs and globe can last until 25,000 hours as they utilize another Light Emitting Diode innovation that is both eco-accommodating and energy saving.