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Make Your Home and Office Shine with Our Silver Crown Mirror Bulbs

Looking for some bright ideas in lighting for your upcoming exhibition and other commercial use? What could be the best solution than LED crown silver bulbs? Yes SIHON brings an exclusive collection of all LED crown silver lamps.

Since these lamps are intended to design only for an internal use, you can also use them to add an eccentric touch to your bedroom or bathrooms. Shop SIHON for affordable lamps that will help you make your decor shine.

Varieties & Specifications of our LED Crown Silver Bulbs & Lamps

We also have multiple types of crown silver head mirror lamps to enhance the beauty of your party decoration. All of our LED energy-saving globes and lamps are composed of three parts: The crystal globe, the ceramic adapter, and the G9 halogen capsule.

Once you glow the light bulb, just detach the ceramic adapter from the globe and replace the G9 capsule inside. You, you don’t need no throw out the whole light bulb.

Uses of our LED Crown Silver Bulbs

Our silver crown LED bulbs, globes, and lamps are best in use for;

  • Domestic decoration
  • Commercial lighting,
  • Reflector focus luminaries
  • Shop & Exhibition lighting

Features & Technical Dimensions

Our silver crown LED bulbs and globes are;

  • Internally fused for safety
  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Reflects light towards the base of the lamp and low glare

Technical Dimensions

  • 60 x 105 mm
  • 6W (60W equivalent)
  • 2700K warm glow
  • 220/240V