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  • Large Bottle Decorative Soft Led Vintage Bulbs Medium Base E27 Dimmable
  • Specification:
  • Model: B215*363-Soft-Spiral G
  • LED: 1 x 450mm Length Soft Led Filament
  • Size: Dia.215 x 363mm Length
  • Glass Design: Big Body Bottle
  • Wattage: 6W (6KW/1000Hours)
  • Voltage: 100-130V / 220-240V
  • Lumen: 100-300lm Bespoke
  • Color Temperature: 1800-3000K Bespoke
  • Lamp Base: E27/E26/B22 Nickel Plated Brass Medium Size Base
  • Glass: High hardness glass, helium filled
  • Glass Color: Amber Gold, other color is available
  • CRI: Ra>90
  • Dimmable: 6th G, Multi-IC, non-flickering linear smooth soft dimmable
  • Dimmable with both trailing edge dimmers and Leading edge dimmers
  • PF>0.95
  • Warranty: 20000 Hours
  • Single Package size: 240 x 240 x 390 mm


1. New fashion large bottle shape vintage led bulbs, size is Dia.215 x 363mm Length, thin long neck with large bottle body. The curve of this large bottle shape vintage led lamp is really nice, looks like a beautiful vase, or a beautiful picture. The glass bottle is made of high quality strong glass, with amber gold color plated, the light output is soft amber, make people feels peaceful and comfortable. Of course any other glass color is available.
2. Flexible soft led filament large bottle vintage led lamp, the length of the flexible soft led is 450mm, in a spiral filament design, just like the spiral incandescent filament. The Kelvin of the soft led is 2200K, with amber gold glass, the light output is about 2000K, because amber gold glass make the light warmer. CRI is about Ra=95, it is very good, almost same as incandescent bulb which is about 99. The spiral filament design is from the neck to the bottom of this bottle decorative vintage led bulbs.
3. Though it is large size bottle shape decorative vintage led bulb, the lamp base is medium size, which is E26/E27/B22 lamp base. In order to have enough tension from lamp base, there are also E27-Skirt lamp base, which has more tension than standard E27, so no lamp base falling off at all. Some times, if the vintage led bulb is too large or too heavy, the standard E27 lamp base do not have enough tension to glass bulb, so the glass bulb is easy to fall off after some time hanging.