Large Decorative Led Bulbs A165 Flexible Soft Led Filament Amber Glass

  • Large Decorative Led Bulbs A165 Flexible Soft Led Filament Amber Glass
  • Specification:
  • Model: A165-Soft-DspiralG Large Decorative Led Bulbs
  • LED: 2 pieces 300mm Length Flexible Soft Led Filament
  • Size: Dia.165 x 280mm Length
  • Glass Design: A165 Large Globe
  • Wattage: 5W (5KW/1000Hours)
  • Voltage: 100-130V / 220-240V
  • Lumen: 220lm/2200K; 300lm/2700K
  • Color Temperature: 2200K / 2700K
  • Lamp Base: E27/E26/B22 Nickel Brass Plated Medium Base
  • Glass: High hardness glass, helium filled
  • Glass Color: Gold Amber
  • CRI: Ra>90
  • Dimmable: Multi-IC, non-flickering linear smooth soft dimmable
  • Dimmable with both trailing edge dimmers and Leading edge dimmers
  • PF>0.90
  • Warranty: 20000Hours
  • Single Package size: 180 x 180 x 300 mm


A165-Soft-DspiralG Large Decorative Led Bulbs

1. This is a large decorative led bulb A165, size is diameter 165mm and 280mm length, the length is including the cap. Inside this decorative led light bulb there is 2 pieces 300mm length flexible soft led filament, forms a spiral filament design, there are 7 circles for this soft led spiral filament. 2 pieces 300mm soft led filament can reach 5W, 220lm output for 2200K.
2. For large decorative led bulb, most people is worrying about the breaking during transportation, because large decorative led bulb is made of glass bulb, and the size is large, especially the glass tube stem in the center of the glass bulb. Because the glass stem is thin and long, and all the filament led is supported by this glass stem, so it is easy to break during transportation. In order to have a safe transportation, we have following solutions as below:
1>. We increased the thickness of the glass stem, for example, we increased the thickness of glass stem for A165 from diameter 3.6mm to 8.3mm.
2>. We use high quality glass, high hardness glass for glass stem.
3>. We add annealing and prolong the heating time for glass stem when we are setting filament led onto the glass stem.
4>. We add hot-shrinking tube to glass stem, hot shrinking tube is an efficient way to protect the glass stem from breaking. For longer glass stem we use thicker hot-shrinking plastic tube.
5>. For super long glass stem, for example, the glass stem for large decorative led bulb A200 is 310mm length, it is too much long, hot-shrinking tube can not give enough protection, so we add a silicon sucker plate onto the top of the glass stem, the sucker plate grip the bottom of the glass bulb, then the glass stem is connected to the glass bulb, by this way, the glass stem is strong enough, we did very strict testing, no broken at all.
3. Some companies use a small spring to protect the glass stem from breaking, they connect one end of the spring to the end of the glass stem, and then connect the other end of the spring to the glass bulb. This is not a good solution. Because there are some reasons as below:
1>. The connection between glass stem and spring is only a much small joint, this joint is a little hole on the glass stem, the spring is hooked inside this little hole. And the little hole is very close to the end of the glass stem. All these makes the connection between glass stem and spring is much easy to break. If the joint breaks, the glass fragment and spring will fall off inside the glass bulb.
2>. The spring itself has a flexibility, the glass stem also has its flexibility, but it is very hard to make the flexibility of the spring same as glass stem, this will make the spring do not have much protection to the glass stem.
3>. The other end of the spring is only connects to the bottom of the glass bulb, no securing, so the spring will move and slide on the glass, because glass is smooth. This is also not good to the protection of the glass stem.

Glass stem is a tube, not solid glass rod, because glass tube is more stronger than glass rod.