Oversized Edison Light Bulbs St120

  • Oversized Edison Light Bulbs St120
  • Oversized Edison Light Bulbs St120
  • Name: Oversized Edison Light Bulbs Soft Dimming Flexible Soft LED Lamp
  • Specification:
  • Model: ST120 Oversized Edison Light Bulbs
  • LED: 400mm Length Flexible Soft Led Filament
  • Size: Dia.120 x 308mm L
  • Glass Design: Globe Shape
  • Wattage: 6W (6KW/1000Hours)
  • Voltage: 100-130V / 220-240V
  • Lumen: 300lm
  • Color Temperature: 2200K / 2700K
  • Lamp Base: E26/E27/B22 Nickel Brass
  • Glass: High hardness glass, helium filled
  • Glass Color: Amber Gold
  • CRI: Ra>90
  • Dimmable: Multi-IC, non-flickering linear smooth soft dimmable
  • PF>0.90
  • Warranty: 20000Hours
  • Single Package size: 130x 130 x 330mm


1. Extra large size, diameter 120mm and 308mm Length, 400mm length super long flexible soft led filament, Amber gold color glass. This oversized Edison light bulb is designed based on G125 globes, with a very long and special shaped neck.

2. For the stem in the center of this oversized flexible soft led lamp, we use very thick hardness glass stem, because the glass stem is easy to break during transportation, so the glass stem must be thick and strong enough. However, some led bulb company use iron wire to replace this glass stem, because the iron wire never break, they put it into the glass stem which is only a little higher than lamp base. Though iron wire stem is strong enough, never break, but it is not glass, most the iron wire has a dark color, looks much ugly. Glass material stem is transparent, the globe is also glass, so they are both totally transparent, looks very beautiful! Also, the round tube glass stem can reflect the light from the led filament, make the light output more even. Most of the glass stem is a glass tube, it is a holder support for led filament.