Silver Crown Mirror Reflecting Globe A19 Deep Dimmable

  • Silver Crown Mirror Reflecting Globe A19 Deep Dimmable
  • Silver Crown Mirror Reflecting Globe A19/A60

  • Specification:
    Model: A190403TS Silver Crown Mirror Globe
    LED: Sapphire Substrate Led Filament
    Size: Dia.60 x 108mm Length
    Glass Design: A19/A60
    Wattage: 3.0W (3.0KW/1000Hours)
    Voltage: 100-130V / 220-240V
    Lumen: 240lm  
    Kelvin: 2200K / 2700K / 6000K
    Lamp Base: E26/E27/B22 Nickel Brass
    Glass: High hardness glass, helium filled
    Glass Color: Silver Crown Mirror
    CRI: Ra>90
    Dimmable: Multi-IC, non-flickering linear smooth soft dimmable PF>0.90
    Warranty: 20000Hours or 2 years
    Single Package size: 65x 65 x 120mm


Silver Crown Mirror Reflecting Globe A19/A60

1. This is a normal vintage filament led silver crown mirror globe A19, there is 4pcs 38mm length sapphire filament led inside the A19 globe, one piece of 38mm filament led is 0.5W rated, so this silver crown mirror globe A19 is 3W rated, we can do it 4W at maximum.
2. Silver crown mirror globe is usually used as a reflecting bulb, something like the spot light, the silver crown mirror at the top of the globe will reflect all the light downward to lamp base. Usually there are several requirement for crown mirror globes as below:
1>. The crown mirror is clean, no dirty, no scratch, no spots, no light leak spots. The edge of the crown mirror is neat and clean, no rough selvedge.
2>. Because crown mirror globe led bulb is used for reflecting the light downward to lamp base, so the led filament should not be out of the crown mirror bottom level, otherwise the light from the filament led will go to other direction. Normally, the bottom of the led filament is same level as the silver crown mirror edge. However, sometimes if the filament is 68mm length, that is very long for a small bulb, for example G125 bulb with 68mm led filament, if the silver crown mirror cover all the filament led, then the crown mirror is more than half of the led globe, that is not good looking, for this situation, we need to discuss with customer. We Dongguan sihon lighting company are manufacturing both silver crown mirror globe and gold crown mirror globe for many years, we have mature production process, we are be able to offer customer quality led silver crown mirror globes.

3. The mirror reflecting coating must be even and uniform, the mirror must be flat and the image free from distortion and deformation. Specular spraying can not have light leakage point, the edge should be neat, can not have rough edge. After the use of mirror coating for a long time, it will not change color and not fall off.