Extra Large St164 Vintage Edison Light Bulbs China Manufacturer | SIHON LIGHTING

  • Extra Large St164 Vintage Edison Light Bulbs China Manufacturer | SIHON LIGHTING
  • Extra Large St164 Vintage Edison Light Bulbs China Manufacturer | SIHON LIGHTING
  • Name: Vintage Soft LED Bulbs Amber Gold Glass Large Size ST164 Medium Cap Specification: Model: ST164-Soft-HeartGN LED: 1 x 300mm Soft Led Filament Size: Dia.164 x 290 mm Length Glass Design: ST164 Large Size Wattage: 3W (3KW/1000Hours) Voltage: 100-130V / 220-240V Lumen: 120lm/2200K; 160lm/2700K Color Temperature: 2200K / 2700K Lamp Base: E27/E26/B22 Nickel Plated Brass Medium Size Cap Glass: High hardness glass, helium filled Glass Color: Amber Gold CRI: Ra>90 Dimmable: Multi-IC, non-flickering linear smooth soft dimmable Dimmable with both trailing edge dimmers and Leading edge dimmers PF>0.90 Warranty: 20000 Hours Single Package size: 180 x 180 x 300 mm


Extra Large St164 Vintage Edison Light Bulbs China Manufacturer

ST164 Extra Large vintage bulbs Classic ST64 Design But with larger size CRI>95
PF>90 High efficient driver Non-flicker dimmable ISO9001 ISO14000 Certified

Little information about dimmable Vintage Led bulbs driver:

Dimmable driver for vintage led bulb is much important, because we use dimming switch for most of the lightings, we are used to dimming lightings.
Comparing to incandescent vintage Edison light bulbs, vintage led bulbs are new, from the beginning that is 5 years ago, it is non-dimmalbe, then it is part dimming, we call that is 1st generation dimmable driver. Now the latest is 6th generation. The introduction of the dimmable driver from 1st generation to 6th generation as below:
-1st generation dimming driver: It is a simple drive with resistor and capacitor dimming circuit, only small partial dimming, from about 40%-80%, dimming is not smooth, with flickering(stroboscopic), vintage led bulb can not reach 100% brightness.
-Second generation dimming driver: It is with an IC based on First generation, the IC makes the dimming range a little wider, from about 30%-90%, still with flickering, dimming is a little more smooth and soft than the First generation.The IC is also a protection to the driver, such as over load protection, short protection, over heating protection, because capacitor and resistor is easy to be damaged.
-Third generation dimming driver: With less resistor and capacitors, with more IC. There is 2pcs IC for power below 4W, there is 3pcs IC for power more than 5W. Less resistor and capacitors can make sure a longer life of the led bulbs; Multip IC make the dimming capacity from 10%-100%, much sooth and soft dimming, reduce more than 70% of flickering(stroboscopic), also, multip IC make sure a much longer life of the vintage led bulbs.
-4th generation dimming IC driver: It is designed mainly for UK market, added an RCC circuit based on 3rd generation.
-5th generation dimming IC driver: It is added an Non-flickering IC base on 3rd generation, so the dimming capacity is same as 3rd generation, the non-flickering is much better.
-6th generation dimming IC driver: It is added 2pcs IC based on 3rd generation, one is non-flickering IC, the other one is load IC。 Non-flickering IC makes the 6th generation dimmable driver totally no flickering; Load IC makes the dimmer capacity much better! can work with almost all the dimmer switches in the market, no matter 120V or 240V.