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St45/S14 String Light Bulbs Usd0.45/ Piece (Moq30000)

  • St45/S14 String Light Bulbs Usd0.45/ Piece (Moq30000)
  • St45/S14 String Light Bulbs Usd0.45/ Piece (Moq30000)
  • St45/S14 String Light Bulbs Usd0.45/ Piece (Moq30000)
  • ST45/S14 Vintage Led Bulbs for String Light 1W E26/E27 Medium Base Unit Price: USD0.45/piece(MOQ30000) Specification: Model: ST45/S140101 LED: 1 piece of 48mm Led filament Size: Dia.45mm x 85mm Length Glass Design: ST45/S14 Wattage: 1W (1KW/1000Hours) Voltage: 100-130V / 220-240V Lumen: 80lm Color Temperature: 2200K / 2700K Lamp Base: E27/E26/B22 Nickel Plated Brass Medium Size Base Glass: High hardness glass, helium filled Glass Color: Clear CRI: Ra>95 Dimmable: 6th G, Multi-IC, non-flickering linear smooth soft dimmable Dimmable with both trailing edge dimmers and Leading edge dimmers PF>0.95 Warranty: 30000 Hours / 3 years Single Package size: 50 x 50 x 95 mm


St45/S14 String Light Bulbs

1. String lights usually use a lot of small led bulbs, ST45/S14 led bulb is the most for using on string lights. This ST45/S14 string light led bulb has 1 piece of 48mm length led filament vertically in the middle of the globe, can reach 1W 80lm at 2700K, with E26/E27/B22 medium size lamp base, clear glass. Of course we can make glass globe with gold color. It is dimmable.

2. String light usually has a waterproof lamp socket, the socket has a soft plastic skirt, the soft plastic skirt will tightly cover all the lamp base when the ST45/S14 string light led bulb is fixed into this socket, then the whole string light is waterproof.

3. String light bulb usually has a low wattage, such as 0.5W, 1.0W, 1.5W, 2.0W, 2.5W....because string light is a kind of decorative lighting, has no much high lumen requirement,  and there are many pieces of string light bulbs on one string light cable, the total wattage and lumen is high enough.