Vintage Edison Led Bulbs A165 Flexible Soft Led Lamp A165

  • Vintage Edison Led Bulbs A165 Flexible Soft Led Lamp A165
  • Vintage Edison Led Bulbs A165 Flexible Soft Led Lamp A165

  • Specification:
    Model: A165-SoftLed-SpecialG
    LED: 1pcs 300mm length Led filament
    Size: Dia.165 x 280mm L
    Glass Design: A165 Irregular Glass Bulbs
    Wattage: 3-5W (3-5KW/1000Hours)
    Voltage: 100-130V / 220-240V
    Lumen: 150-300lm
    Color Temperature: 2200K / 2700K
    Lamp Base: E26/E27/B22 Nickel Brass
    Glass: High hardness glass, helium filled, Strong stem Glass Color: Amber Gold
    CRI: Ra>90
    Dimmable: IC non-flickering linear smooth soft dimmable PF>0.90 Warranty: 30000Hours Single Package size:170x170x300mm



This is a special decorative vintage Edison flexible soft led bulb, it is developed based on the standard vintage led bulb A165, the change is the glass bulb, standard A165 has a smooth glass globe, now we added some bumpy on the glass bulb, that is why we call it irregular vintage led bulbs. Inside the irregular glass bulb, there is a 300mm flexible soft led filament, it is 2200K, which is amber warm light. The wattage is about 3-5W, the lumen is about 160-300lm. If it is metal flexible soft led filament, it can reach a higher wattage and lumen output. The normal flexible filament led is called silicon substrate flexible soft led filament, while, metal flexible soft led filament has a metal substrate, why metal flexible soft led has a higher wattage and lumen output than normal silicon substrate flexible soft led? Because metal has a much better heat sinking, it can bear a higher wattage. For led filament, high wattage creates more heating, if the heat sinking is not good, the high temperature will damage the led filament, the normal silicon substrate flexible soft filament led has a bad heat sinking, that is why the wattage and lumen output is low. However, silicon substrate is more flexible and soft than metal, so normal silicon flexible soft led filament can be used for making a lot of complicated filament design, metal soft led can only be used to make simple filament design, such as spiral filament design, loops filament design, these design is with big curve. For appearance, the metal soft flexible led filament looks almost same as the normal flexible soft filament led. Most of the flexible soft led bulb is decorative vintage led lamps, that is mainly used for lighting decoration, usually special decorative vintage Edison led bulbs do not need much high lumen output, they need soft amber gold light output.